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To assist any member in good standing that is in a financial hardship.  Financial hardships must stem from a situation beyond their control.

Criteria and examples that are used to determine a financial hardship are the following:

  1. Change in pay status (non-pay status)
  2. Exhaustion of any paid benefits
  3. Unforeseen emergencies beyond your control


Committee Co-Chairs will assemble a panel of members that will review every application on the basis of need and availability of funds (Health & Welfare Account).

The Co-Chairs and panel have guidelines connected with goals, objectives, and criteria to help the Committee make recommendations to the Co-Chair of the Committee, which in turn is submitted, for approval to our President and Financial Secretary.

COMMITTEE:  Is composed of two appointed chairs.  The Co-Chairs select a panel of members (usually 4).  Because these requests must be made in a timely manner, Co-Chairs have to select from members that are available at that time.